2013 Toyota Corolla Oil Capacity

Here is a table for 2013 Toyota Corolla Engine Models and their corresponding oil type and oil capacity with filter in quarts and liters:

Engine Model Oil Type Oil Capacity with Filter (quarts/liters)
1.8L 4-cyl SAE 0w-20; 5w-20 4.4/4.2

What kind of oil does a 2013 Toyota Corolla take?

The 2013 Toyota Corolla requires SAE 0w-20 or 5w-20 oil that meets the requirements of the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer, the oil capacity for the 2013 Toyota Corolla is 4.4 quarts (4.2 liters) with the filter included. It is always recommended to refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the latest information on the recommended oil type and capacity for your specific vehicle.

Here are a few oil brands that are suitable for the 2013 Toyota Corolla:

  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Valvoline High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Mobil 1 Extended Performance for 2013 Toyota Corolla.

When changing the oil in a 2013 Toyota Corolla, you will need approximately 4.4 quarts (4.2 liters) of oil to complete a full oil change, including the filter. [0][1][2]

How often do you change the oil on a 2013 Toyota Corolla?

According to professional mechanics, the recommended oil change interval for a 2013 Toyota Corolla is generally every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first [1]. However, it is important to note that the oil change interval may vary depending on your specific driving conditions, such as extreme temperatures or frequent short trips.

In addition, Toyota states that only Toyota vehicles in which 0w-20 synthetic oil is required (except 3UR-FBE Engines*) have been approved for extended oil change intervals of 10,000-miles/12-months. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to regularly check the oil level and top off if needed, to help the engine get the full benefit of synthetic oil. [0]

How much will it cost to change oil and filter on a 2013 Toyota Corolla in the US?

The cost to change the oil and filter on a 2013 Toyota Corolla in the US using conventional oil typically ranges from $35 to $75, depending on the region you live in [1]. However, if the car requires synthetic oil, you can expect to pay more, around $65 to $125 or more [1]. It’s essential to note that the final cost can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of oil and filter used and labor costs charged by the service provider.

It’s worth noting that if you own a 2013 Toyota Corolla, you may qualify for free maintenance from Toyota for the first two years or 25,000 miles of ownership [2]. However, if you plan to keep the vehicle for more than three years or 36,000 miles, it may be a good idea to factor in the recurring cost of oil changes and other routine maintenance expenses in your ownership budget.

Overall, the cost of changing oil and filter on a 2013 Toyota Corolla in the US can range from $35 to $125 or more, depending on various factors.

What are the signs of an oil change in the 2013 Toyota Corolla?

Aside from the mileage-based recommended oil change intervals, there are several signs that you should look out for to determine if your 2013 Toyota Corolla needs an oil change. Here are some indicators to pay attention to:

  • Dark or dirty oil: If the oil on your dipstick appears dark, gritty or has visible debris, it may be time for an oil change.
  • Engine noise: If you hear an unusual knocking or ticking sound coming from your engine, it may indicate low oil pressure or a lack of lubrication, which can be a sign that the oil needs changing.
  • Reduced fuel economy: If you notice a sudden decrease in fuel economy, it may be due to dirty or degraded oil. Fresh oil can help your engine run more efficiently and improve your gas mileage.
  • Oil change warning light: Your 2013 Toyota Corolla may have an oil change reminder light that comes on when the oil needs changing. If you see this light, it’s essential to take your car for an oil change as soon as possible.
  • Burning oil smell: If you detect a burning smell when you’re driving, it could be a sign that your oil is old and breaking down, leading to overheating in the engine.
  • Oil levels dropping quickly: If you find yourself continuously having to top up your oil levels between oil changes, it could be a sign that your car needs an oil change.

In summary, if you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to take your 2013 Toyota Corolla for an oil change as soon as possible to prevent potential engine problems or damage.

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