2015 Chevy Malibu Oil Capacity

Here is a table for the 2015 Chevy Malibu Engine Models with their recommended oil type and oil capacity (with filter):

Engine Model Oil Type Oil Capacity with Filter (quarts/liters)
2.5L L4 DEXOS1 Synthetic Blend 5.0 quarts / 4.7 liters
2.0L L4 Turbo DEXOS1 Synthetic Blend 6.0 quarts / 5.7 liters
2.4L L4 Hybrid DEXOS1 Synthetic Blend 5.5 quarts / 5.2 liters

What kind of oil does a 2015 Chevy Malibu take?

The 2015 Chevy Malibu requires DEXOS1 Synthetic Blend oil that meets GM’s specifications. The manufacturer recommends using API-certified oil with a viscosity grade of 5W-30 for all engine models.

Here are a few oil brands that are suitable for the 2015 Chevy Malibu:

  • Mobil 1 Synthetic Blend
  • Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic
  • Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic
  • Castrol EDGE Full Synthetic

Castrol EDGE Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 for 2015 Chevy Malibu.

The oil capacity with filter for each engine model is as follows:

  • 2.5L L4: 5.0 quarts / 4.7 liters
  • 2.0L L4 Turbo: 6.0 quarts / 5.7 liters
  • 2.4L L4 Hybrid: 5.5 quarts / 5.2 liters

How often do you change the oil on a 2015 Chevy Malibu?

According to professional mechanics, the recommended oil change interval for a 2015 Chevy Malibu is every 7,500 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. However, it’s important to note that this recommendation may vary depending on factors such as driving conditions, climate, and individual driving habits.

For instance, if you frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic or under extreme temperatures, your engine may require more frequent oil changes. Similarly, if you frequently tow heavy loads or drive off-road, your engine may require more frequent oil changes as well.

How much will it cost to change oil and filter on a 2015 Chevy Malibu in the US?

The cost of an oil change for a 2015 Chevy Malibu can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the service center, the type of oil used, and whether any additional services are included in the oil change.

On average, a basic oil change for a 2015 Chevy Malibu can cost anywhere from $40 to $70 at a dealership or auto repair shop. This typically includes draining the old oil, replacing the oil filter, and adding new oil to the engine.

If you opt for synthetic oil or a high-mileage oil, the cost can be higher, ranging from $60 to $100 or more. Some service centers may also offer additional services such as a multi-point inspection, tire rotation, or air filter replacement, which can increase the overall cost of the oil change.

What are the signs of an oil change in the 2015 Chevy Malibu?

Apart from mileage, there are several signs that indicate the need for an oil change in a 2015 Chevy Malibu. Here are a few:

  • Dashboard warning light: If the oil pressure warning light on the dashboard turns on while driving, it’s an indication that the engine is not getting enough oil, and an oil change may be needed.
  • Dark and dirty oil: Check the oil dipstick regularly to see if the oil is dark and dirty, indicating that it’s time for an oil change.
  • Engine noise: If you hear unusual noises coming from the engine, such as knocking or ticking sounds, it could mean that the engine is not properly lubricated, and an oil change may be necessary.
  • Smell of burning oil: A strong smell of burning oil may indicate that the engine oil has become contaminated or degraded, and it’s time for an oil change.
  • Poor fuel economy: If you notice a decrease in fuel efficiency, it could be a sign that the engine is not working efficiently due to old or contaminated oil.

2015 Chevy Malibu Oil Change (Video)


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