2015 Honda CRV Oil Capacity

The below table is based on the 2015 Honda CRV owner’s manual, and it is important to check the manual of your specific vehicle for the most accurate information.

Engine Type Oil Type Oil Capacity (quarts/liters)
2.4L 4-cylinder engine SAE 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil 4.6 / 4.3

What kind of oil does a 2015 Honda CRV take?

The 2015 Honda CR-V requires SAE 0W-20 full synthetic engine oil, and the oil capacity for all trim variations is 4.6 quarts (or 4.4 liters).

It’s important to note that Honda recommends using only genuine Honda oil filters, which are designed for the specific requirements of the Honda engine. Using non-genuine oil filters may cause engine damage and potentially void the warranty.

There are several brands of oil that are suitable for the 2015 Honda CR-V, including Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Castrol, Valvoline, and Royal Purple. However, it’s important to check the oil specifications and make sure they meet the SAE 0W-20 full synthetic requirement.

How often do you change the oil on a 2015 Honda CRV?

The oil in a 2015 Honda CRV should be changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. The current MM (Maintenance Minder) system in Honda vehicles uses a range of sensor measurements and calculations to determine oil life and reports it out to the owner. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the MM system for oil change intervals, which may vary based on driving habits and conditions.

Not changing the oil at the right time can have several consequences on the engine of a 2015 Honda CRV. Over time, oil breaks down and becomes contaminated with dirt, debris, and other particles, losing its effectiveness as a lubricant. This can cause increased friction and wear on engine parts, leading to decreased performance and potentially costly damage. In addition, a lack of oil or dirty oil can lead to overheating of the engine, which can cause serious problems such as warped or cracked engine components, reduced fuel efficiency, and even engine failure in extreme cases. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the recommended oil change intervals and use the correct type of oil to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the engine.

How much will it cost to change oil and filter on a 2015 Honda CRV in the US?

The estimated cost of an oil change for a 2015 Honda CR-V is between $104 and $118, with labor costs estimated between $40 and $50 and parts priced between $64 and $67. It’s important to note that the actual cost may be higher or lower than this estimate depending on various factors such as location and the type of oil and filter used.

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